Gutso Cafe – Challenging food shooting

Shooting in Gutso Cafe (located in Cheung Sha Wan, was a challenging task.
We saw too many home-shooters or bloggers rely on natural sunlight for food shooting and the photos are great too, I DON’T mean that using natural light is bad, actually, I like to shoot with sunlight and it’s usually better and easier to work with, but at Gutso Cafe, there is no windows with nature light exist and I have to create ‘nature light’ artificially.
The challenge is (and excitement too!) to find a ideal spot to place a dish, (Where did i put the dishes? Yes! I put them on a chair instead of a table!) and to incorporate some different props and adding texture into backgrounds.
It is always a certain sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when venturing to a new location and ending up with an excellent image, by using anything that you can grabbed in the surroundings.
Thanks GUTSO for the cappuccino while I was shooting, the caffeine give me extra energy and inspiration during the shooting, and I’ll be back for sure to try the guilty-filled marshmallow toast. ;P










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