Katie Tse – 3 weeks old little lady

This three week old newborn was absolutely sweet!

20150326-20150326 KatieTse-108

Originally I would like to photograph her before she was two weeks old but she was too busy to explore the world. I’m so glad I could make an appointment with her finally, not only was Katie gorgeous but she is my niece actually!

Learn from some industrial experts, when photographing an older newborn, never, ever force them to pose in the way they are not into. Not all newborns older than 3 weeks are flexible to fold and bend like a one week old baby, what we photographers can do it to follow the baby’s will and be safe.

Make sure that parents are there to be the spotter when shooting the baby in a prop, and of course make sure your props are clean and sterilized.

20150326-20150326 KatieTse-82

20150326-20150326 KatieTse-39

These photos were shot with my Canon 6D and EF 50 f/1.2 lens and lit with an Speedlit 600ex-rt used to mimic natural light.

20150326-20150326 KatieTse-154   20150326-20150326 KatieTse-73  _MG_9368

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