Food shooting of Kinson Burger & Bar

I’ve been quite busy last few weeks, but I still think it is fun to share some of my recent photo shoots.

It was a fun shooting session with my friend, Tommy, owner of the Kinson Burger & Bar, inside the Grand Waterfall of Kornhill Plaza.

I shot on the cafe table near the big window, but it was not the finest day of the week, and there were not enough luminous from the natural light.

To create enough luminous for a clear and sharp image, I have to use a big softbox from the top angle. (Not shown on the below photo)

The set is not complicated, as most of the food shooting, the key is how the chef presents the food and how we styling it.


20150312-Kinson@GW-181 20150312-Kinson@GW-182 20150312-Kinson@GW-54

I don’t always shoot on a tripod (and not this time, too) but my Gitzo 1544T tripod is always inside my gear case.

Off to another shoot on Friday, I hope you like the way I shoot.



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